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Gender Pay Gap Data

McConechy’s Tyre Service Ltd published its Gender Pay Gap report on 28th March 2018.

Women’s hourly rate is 8.5% lower (mean) and 7.9% lower (median).
Top salary quartile has 97.1% men and 2.9% women
Upper middle salary quartile has 88.5% men and 11.5% women
Lower middle salary quartile has 89.4% men and 10.6% women
Lower salary quartile has 83.8% men and 16.2% women
Women’s bonus pay is 55.9% lower (mean) and 60.7% lower (median)
88% of men and 76% of women received bonus pay

McConechy’s Tyre Service Ltd operates in a male dominated industry. It operates a non-discriminatory system where all employees are paid depending on their skills, achievements and experience.