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Tyre Legal

Tyres - Your legal obligation

It's easy to take your tyres for granted. After all, premium tyre manufacturers such as Bridgestone continually develop and improve design to offer performance second to none. But responsibility for their continuing safety rests with you - and it's your legal obligation. Tread Depth 1.6mm is the minimum legal tread depth for cars. Recent research found that 1 in 9 tyres on the road are worn down below the legal minimum. Remember, a fine of up to £2,500 and 3 points can be incurred for each illegal tyre. For information on how to check your tread, click here


Tyres must be well maintained which includes tyre pressures inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s specification. Find out how to check your pressures here.


Must be identical across an axle.


Different types must not be fitted to the same axle (i.e. radial-ply tyres and cross-ply tyres).


Tyres must be free from lumps, bulges and tears, nor must any portion of the ply or cord be exposed. Cuts should be no longer than 25mm or 10% of the tyre’s section width – whichever is greater. Stay legal, stay safe. If you're unsure, drop by your local dealer for a free tyre check.