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Ford Fiesta Tyres

Across the world there is no more respected name in motor manufacturing than Ford and the Ford Fiesta is one of the most successful cars ever produced by this highly successful company. Ford practically invented the motor car production line and it is therefore very appropriate that today over 16 million Ford Fiestas have been made and sold.

The Ford Fiesta (Fiesta by the way is Spanish for Party) has developed through seven generations since its launch in 1976. The Ford Fiesta is officially classified as Subcompact but most people refer to it as a Supermini or a Citycar. When it was first launched the media called it “Ford’s New Baby” and it was seen as a very radical thing for Ford to do. The company had in fact said, some years earlier publicly, that they had no plans to build a “mini car” but the oil crisis in 1973 made them rethink their market strategy and the result was the outstanding Ford Fiesta whose MPG combined with real performance made it an instant success.

Your Ford Fiesta could be one of several variants as there is quite a choice in 3 door or 5 door, engine size and specification levels but whichever Fiesta you drive it must be properly maintained and nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than your tyres in ensuring the safety of you and those who mean most to you.

The Ford Fiesta has a choice of tyre sizes and you can check yours by simply taking a pen and notepad and writing down the numbers and letters embossed on the side of the tyre. Check both front and rear as they can be different. The size will look something like 195/60R16 but of course yours may well be slightly different.

To be certain all you have to do is go to the tyres section of our website and enter your registration number into the box. That will let us confirm the exact model of car that you own and allow us to display our full list of Ford Fiesta tyres that we have in stock and the prices fully fitted. You won’t be disappointed. The Ford Fiesta is a very good car and you are almost certainly glad that you bought one. You will be even more pleased with our tyre prices and the attention you will receive from the friendliest fitters in the business.