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Ford Focus Tyres

It is never easy for any car model to be introduced as the replacement for a highly popular and successful previous model, so the Ford Focus had a lot to live up to; it replaced the famous Ford Escort. The Ford Focus however soon proved that it was a very worthy successor.

The Ford Focus was introduced in 1998 and already it has developed through four generations and is one of the most popular family cars in the UK and in many other parts of the world. Ford, with their unmatched pedigree in mass production, now offer the Ford Focus in a wide choice of body styles, engine sizes, specifications and trim levels. It is a very attractive and surprisingly spacious compact car with real fuel economy. It is also a very well built car but no matter how well built your Ford Focus is it still must be professionally maintained and to that end tyres are vital.

Your tyres are the one part of your Ford Focus that are in contact with the road surface and your safety, and the safety of those important to you, is far more readily assured with the correct tyres in the correct condition. The Ford Focus has a choice of wheel and tyre size but you can be confident that McConnechy’s has them all and you will not find a better fully fitted price anywhere.

If you are unsure about your tyre size all you have to do is take a pen and notepad and write down the letters and numbers embossed on the side of your tyres. Check both back and front. It will read something like 205/60R17 but of course yours may well be slightly different. We will have it. To be certain and to see what we can offer you simply go to the tyres section in our website and enter your registration number. We will instantly confirm the exact model of Ford Focus that you own, the appropriate tyre sizes, a complete list of what we have in stock and the price fully fitted.

You won’t be disappointed by the choice or the prices. When you chose a Ford Focus you chose well and you will make the same wise choice when you come to us for the best prices on tyres and terrific service from the friendliest fitters in the business.