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Mercedes-Benz A-Class Tyres

Mercedes Benz announced their intention of building a subcompact executive car away back in 1994, 25 years ago and the Mercedes A Class was first seen in 1997. The design was seriously radical for Mercedes Benz but they carried it off with all the flair and build quality that has made the Marque respected around the world.

Shorter and higher the A Class was unlike anything else in the Mercedes stable but it won admirers from the outset. The front wheel drive was, for Mercedes, revolutionary but the A Class also boasted a Mercedes Benz patented safety system where, in the event of front end impact, the engine and gearbox would move back under the floor without entering the passenger compartment. German innovative engineering at its very best.

The designer of the Mercedes A Class, Steve Mattin, ( a Coventry University graduate ) was named Autocar Magazine’s Designer of the Year . Between its launch in 1997 and 2004 well over a million first generation A Class models were sold.

In 2004 the Mercedes A Class second generation was introduced and again offered some seriously advanced safety features along with no fewer than seven different four cylinder engines one of which achieved a top speed of 135 MPH!

As they say, don’t try this at home. With a full face lift in 2008 and a completely new generation Mercedes A Class introduced in 2013 the latest models don’t look much like the original.  Whichever version of the Mercedes A Class you drive you have the comfort of knowing that literally billions of pounds have been spent in the development of this very popular car. With so many changes and generations tyre sizes obviously vary but common sizes are 225/45R17, 225/40R18 and 205/55R16.

As always, fitting the correct tyre is very important and our technicians will help you with any questions. At McConechy’s Tyre Centres the customer service is every bit as good as the prices.