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Mini Hatch Tyres

The Mini Hatch is the modern name for one of the most successful and popular car designs of the 20th century. The original 1960s Mini was an instant success and, amazingly, today’s Mini Hatch still looks very similar.

When Rover and BMW got together there were great arguments about the future of the Mini. The Rover design team saw it as an economy city car while the BMW people insisted that its future lay in a sports hatch design, and BMW won that argument.

The Mini Hatch is now available, both new and used, in a variety of versions and engine sizes but whether you have the distinctly rallyish Cooper look or the basic Mini Hatch the car still looks like it can shift.  There has always been something lovable about the Mini and the famous movie ‘The Italian Job’, starring a huge cast of Minis and also starring Michael Caine, secured the Mini’s place as a Hollywood star and in the great history of the automobile.

With so many models and versions there is also a wide range of wheel and tyre sizes and it is vital that you fit the correct tyre for your Mini Hatch. We supply tyres to suit all the models and wheel sizes vary from 15” to 18”. The most common sizes are 175/65 R15, 175/60 R16, 195/55 R16, 205/45 R17, 205/40 R18. If you are in any doubt about the correct size for your car all you need to do is speak to one of our technicians who will be only too happy to help. McConechy’s were in business well before the first Mini was made so no one knows the car better than we do.