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Volkswagen Golf Tyres

If you own or drive a Volkswagen Golf then you are at the wheel of one of the most successful cars ever built. The Volkswagen Golf was first introduced in 1974 as the direct replacement for the legendary Volkswagen Beetle. The Volkswagen Golf certainly had a lot to live up to and it didn’t disappoint.

It is now in its seventh generation and is the best selling Volkwagen car; well over 30 million have been sold worldwide. Indeed the Volkswagen Golf is one of the world’s top three best selling cars. The secret of the success of the Volkswagen Golf is superb engineering and reliability. It is a supremely well designed and impeccably put together car. There are of course several variants of Volkswagen Golf, it is everything from a school run or shopping trolley car right through to a hot hatch.

It is also a very safe car to drive with an excellent record of withstanding impact damage but even the Volkswagen Golf needs to be properly maintained and regularly serviced. Unless you happen to be an engineer you will need to have your VW Golf maintained by professionals but YOU CAN regularly check your tyre pressures and the tyre condition. If you are uncertain how to do that call into any McConechy’s Tyre Centre and one of our technicians will show you what to do, absolutely free of charge. It is very important because from a safety point of view nothing on your Volkswagen Golf is more vital than your tyres.

It is easy to check the tyre pressure and the tread depth and remember that a worn tyre can result in a fine and three points on your driving licence. In every McConechy’s Tyre Centre you will find friendly, prompt service plus tyre choice and very competitive prices. Tyre sizes vary depending on which model of Volkswagen Golf you drive. On the side of the tyre you will see an embossed set of numbers and letters like 195 65 R15 91H. The easiest way to be certain is to go to our tyres section on the website and enter your registration number. Our system will identify exactly which Volkwagen Golf you have and will show you the appropriate tyres for both front and rear and the range of prices fully fitted in the McConechy’s Tyre Centre of your choice.

You won’t be disappointed by the choice or the prices. When you chose a Volkswagen Golf you chose well and you will make the same wise choice when you come to us for the best prices on tyres and terrific service from the friendliest fitters in the business.