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Volkswagen Polo Tyres

The Volkswagen Polo was first introduced in 1975 and is a very high profile member of that area of motor manufacturing known as “Super Minis.” The name Super Mini obviously owes something to marketing hype but the Volkswagen Polo is undoubtedly a truly super small car.

It ticks all the boxes including performance and fuel efficiency and there are enough variants to meet the needs of a very wide market sector. You can have the basic Volkswagen Polo or the seriously performing Volkswagen Polo GT and everything in between. The Volkswagen Polo is now in its sixth generation and it has fans across the world. Whatever version you drive you will have enjoyed the sheer excellence of Volkswagen design, engineering and reliability not to mention higher than average resale values.

This super mini is well named and, if it is also well maintained, you can be pretty certain of years of enjoyable, trouble-free motoring. In one respect however, the Volkswagen Polo is like every other car on the road. The tyres wear out. You must check your tyre pressures regularly and make sure that the tread is well within the legal limit. A tyre worn below the legal limit can result in a prosecution, a fine and three penalty points on your driving licence.

If you are unsure how to check your tyres simply go to your nearest McConechy’s Tyre Centre and one of our technicians will show you. Free of charge. Your tyre sizes are clearly embossed on the side. They vary of course depending on the Volkswagen Polo model but it will look something like 215/45 RS91. To be certain simply go to the tyres part of our website and enter your registration number. We’ll confirm the model of Volkswagen Polo that you own and show the range of tyres and prices we offer, fully fitted in the McConechy’s Tyre Centre of your choice. Whichever one you go to you can be sure of friendly service and unbeatable value.